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Welcome to Rail Runner!

Posted by Brian Appleton on October 12, 2009

   Welcome to the first post of the Rail Runner blog.  


Curlin-2008 Man 'O' War Stakes

   Rail runner is a term used to describe a horse that prefers to run inside all others, close to the rail. The most exciting type of rail runners are those who can hide behind a wall of horses then burst through at the top of the stretch from seemingly nowhere and fly to victory.  Or the kind who drop behind the field and seem hopelessly out of it till they put “the pedal to the metal” and shimmy on up the rail to post a thrilling win.  Like the runs of Affirmed in the 1978 Belmont Stakes, or Street Sense in the 2006 Breeders Cup Juvenile.

   The purpose for this blog is purely to create a fun forum for discussion of topics of interest in thoroughbred horse racing.  I am very passionate about the subject of horse racing and hope I will be able to correctly convey the enthusiasm and energy I put into my writing endeavors, and also hope that it will be informative, rousing and highly enjoyable to all readers.

   Also need to say that since this is my first attempt at doing a blog that there will probably be some “technical difficulties” in the beginning stages, so please bear with me, and any advice on this front is more than welcome.  

Please at all times feel free to comment with your thoughts, opinions or advice.  Good healthy discussion is always welcome. The more the merrier. 

   I will post my first “real” entry here by Saturday (October 17) and look forward to getting your feedback.  Let the blogging begin!


23 Responses to “Welcome to Rail Runner!”

  1. Yesss!!!!!! Finally the world will get your excellent racing insights and opinions. Looks like a good start, buddy. I see our boy there on Man O’ War day 2008. I remember that day fondly (even though he ran second).

    Can’t wait to see how this takes off once you get rockin’ and rollin’ !

  2. This looks great Brian! I have a feeling this will really take off for you. It will! Finally my brother has a blog!

  3. Jennifer said

    Ah—Curlin–is there truly any other horse?? (Don’t answer that question!)

    Good job–am looking forward to seeing how things go.

  4. Kelley A. said

    Awesome blog! I can’t wait to read all your posts! I loved checking out your “about me” and “purpose” pages. 🙂 Now Scott and I can keep updated on you and the races while we’re on tour. 🙂

  5. Hannah said

    Schveet!!! Curlin 24/7!

  6. Rachel said

    Wow Brian finally a place that you can tell “the whole world” about your excitement for Curlin and Rachel Alexander… I like i,its very you!

    • Thankyou Rachel, but there’s an unforgivable error in your message…you spelled a horses name wrong. It’s Rachel Alexandra, not alexander. But, you did come all the way over here so you get an “A” for effort (:

  7. Colleen said

    Very Cool, I’m excited for you. Maybe now people can see and begin to experience the same excitement that you have every time you watch a race.

    By the way good choice on the name (for the blog).

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