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Rail Runner NOT moving to Blogger!

Posted by Brian Appleton on February 10, 2010

Some of you may have seen my last post stating that I was moving Rail Runner to Blogger because of persistent problems I have been having with Word Press. Well, I take it all back. I tried Blogger and I didn’t like it nearly as much as Word Press, so Rail Runner will be staying right where it is! Sorry for any confusion this may have caused, I promise to be more thorough in my “investigation” next time. (:


5 Responses to “Rail Runner NOT moving to Blogger!”

  1. Hey it doesn’t matter what clothes you were.
    It’s what’s inside that counts.

    You’ve done a terrific job with this blog. Enjoy it. You’ll look back in a few years and marvel at the way it was.

    A heads up that we may be having a special holiday contest on The Southwest stakes. Bring your bro. 😀

    • Thanks TKS, I am having a lot of fun doing the blog so far. It’s great to be able to put my views out there for everyone to read and comment on.
      I will defintely be joining the contest! (:

  2. gib said

    Are you calling us “Bloggers” slumdogs, technologically impaired, or simply stupid [smile]?

  3. gib said

    You “hope not?” Yes, or no please.

    Just because you are related to a person does not disqualify them from being slumdogs, technically impaired, or SIMPLY STUPID. I have relatives that fit into each of those categories.

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