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Good and Bad news

Posted by Brian Appleton on March 26, 2010

Due to a sudden family emergency which forced me to rush from CT to NC within a few minutes notice, I will probably not be able to post on this weekend’s races. I will do my best to keep up with the racing updates, comment on everyone else’s posts and try to write a new entry by the beginning of next week.

In much better news, I am very pleased and excited to announce that I have been accepted into the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance (TBA)!

Enjoy the wonderful line-up of races this weekend!


11 Responses to “Good and Bad news”

  1. Brian,

    I hope all turns out well and healthy for this sudden, unfortunate circumstance. My prayers will be with you and yours.

  2. Turk said

    Welcome to the TBA. I have enjoyed your blog since you started it.

    The Turk

  3. Hey there young man. Life comes first.
    Take care of what you have must do.
    Everything else will take care of itself later on.

    Wishing you peace and strength through this difficult period. Godspeed.

  4. Valerie said

    My best wishes (and congratulations) are with you as well. Hope all turns out for the best.

  5. "Mom" said

    Congratulations, Brian!! Kelley told me about it. Should we hang streamers and balloons when you come?? We still have some left up from Joseph’s B-day!

  6. James said

    Congratulations Brian! We are and have been praying for you and your family. We’ll get in touch some time soon. Again congratulations, I know how much you are interested and enjoy the world of Thoroughbred Racing and with your passion for it I really think someday you may go further than just writing on the subject merely for fun. It would be nice if I were right about that. God bless.

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