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Zenyatta: 17 for 17

Posted by Brian Appleton on June 14, 2010


Zenyatta has done it again, just when you think she can’t surprise you anymore she pulls a shocker right out of thin air and produces yet another one of racing’s most compelling moments. Running down a stubborn St. Trinians in the stretch, Zenyatta registered her 17th consecutive victory and thus passed the previous record of 16 straight races held by herself as well as the great Triple Crown winner Citation, and Cigar, Hallowed Dreams and Mister Freaky. She is now officially in a league of her own. This makes her 7th consecutive Grade 1 win and 11th overall, a remarkable achievement under any circumstance and all the more so coming while remaining undefeated.

In a no-doubt-about-it most exciting race of the year to-date the brilliant, undefeated, and untouchable 6-year-old mare Zenyatta reached down into that inner reserve of courage that only a champion can truly muster to turn certain defeat into sheer and thrilling victory. Racing in her customary position at the back of the pack in the Vanity Handicap (gr.1), jockey Mike Smith got the champion to settle beautifully behind the talented St. Trinians. Approaching the far turn jockey Martin Garcia got the jump on Zenyatta as he began to work on St. Trinians, urging the mare ahead while taking her out about 5 paths wide around the turn. Into the turn St. Trinians seized the lead while Zenyatta mustered her decimating drive from behind and followed into the stretch, swinging 6 paths out. Down the stretch the two mares flew to the frenzied cheers of the crowd, St. Trinians led Zenyatta by about a length and a half and it appeared for a moment that the great mare was about to face the first loss of her stellar career. Then the champion in Zenyatta awoke with a fury and stride by stride she began to reel in a courageous St. Trinians. The roars of the crowd now drowned out all other sounds as the wire approached and Zenyatta reached St. Trinians throat. Across the wire and Zenyatta had surged ahead, seizing her 17th consecutive winning portrait with ears pricked yet again, one last tease as if to let the competition and her fans know that it wasn’t that hard after all. A crash of noise cascaded across the track as the stunning mare galloped out down the backstretch.

I have rarely heard such joy from a crowd, the noise was incredible, it can only be described as pure ecstasy. Those fans were there for one thing only, and it wasn’t betting, they were there to show their love of one great, great horse. If you were unable to see the race before, you must make sure to watch it now. It’s not just the race itself that is amazing, it’s the reaction of the crowd afterward.


5 Responses to “Zenyatta: 17 for 17”

  1. No doubt, Brian…this was one fan there just for the experience.

    When she galloped out, that fan reaction was to the replay of the stretch run and their surprise/disbelief the second time around at how the big mare got up in he shadow of the wire.

    If you get the chance tomorrow, check out my post.

    Have a great week!

  2. m said

    Great Post

  3. zenyattaventures said

    It was another spectactular performance that will live on in history. A once in a long lifetime super horse that we are absolutely priveledged to witness.

    This blogger has received more threats from the vested interests behind “Zenyatta Ventures Ltd.” Sponsored by NYSE Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF) and weeks away from being listed on the horrid Canadian Venture Exchange, the odds of one individual stopping this outrage are slim to none.

    Nonetheless this is one battle that cannot be conceeded until the final grotesque bell, be it censorship out of existance of my blogs, actual instead of threatened litigation from economic juggernauts, or the achievement of an offensive public listing by scumbags.


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