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Horse Racing Fantasy Contest: DerbyDreamer.com

Posted by Brian Appleton on January 26, 2011

It’s called DerbyDreamer.com, the contest is a battle of wit, intuition and knowledge. For the winners, wealth is the reward.

Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic but basically it’s the truth. DerbyDreamer.com is a premier fantasy horse racing contest that provides fans, bettors and industry insiders alike the opportunity to test their skills at handicapping and choosing winners in a monthly contest.

It’s a 3 step process: sign up, create a stable and earn points. Sign up costs only $12 dollars for the first 3 stables you create, after that each stable registered under the same account costs $10. You can create as many stables as you wish with each individual stable winning points on the leaderboard.

Each stable consists of 18 horses and 5 jockeys. You can choose from more than 400 horses currently in training and more than 150 of the nation’s most prominent jockeys to add to your stable.

Each month you can activate 12 horses and 3 jockeys that will gain points according to how they place in their races. The player with the most points at the end of each month will be rewarded a total of $2,500.

Features such as workout information, entries and results are all included in the sidebar of your account page as well as a calendar to view workouts, entries and results. You can also do individual searches on any of your horses to see recent information on them such as workouts, entries and race results.

For anyone looking for a relatively low maintenance, fun and informative outlet for their horse racing passions DerbyDreamer.com is well worth the $12 sign up. Click on the link below to visit DerbyDreamer.com and discover for yourself all the ins and outs of the game and be prepared to become addicted.



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