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Mailing Address:   130 North Society Rd, Canterbury, Ct 06331

E-mail: myheropharlap@msn.com

Address To: Brian Appleton or Rail Runner

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have.


24 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hello Brian – 😀

    While my blog is in its infancy I’m planning to do more polls and get the public involved by voting on various issues. I’m hoping to try out some polling widgets. The polls are similar to the ones both of us currently use from PollDaddy.

    So I was wondering in the future if you would be interested in participating by posting a one time widget code along with a few other blogs.

    The idea is to get a meaningful number of voters on every poll.

    We could have a lot of fun with it.
    There’s no work on your part except a one time installment of the widget code onto your blog sidebar. I do the work on PollDaddy.

    Suggestions for poll questions are always welcome from participants. This could stimulate some interesting conversations around the blogosphere in the coming weeks.
    What do you think?

    ~ Norm

  2. Excellent Brian !

    I’m still learning the functions and hopefully we can get a few more bloggers on board in a few weeks. The more the merrier!

    I assume your sidebar can hold a widget about 150 px wide.
    If not, please can correct me on that.

    ~ Norm

  3. Hi Brian –

    I think this “micro” version should fit in just about everyone’s sidebars:


    I’ve incorporated this one into the body of my post
    but those in the “network” should have no trouble.

    Polldaddy works for me and I’m always open to suggestions
    for the “poll question of the week”.

    I’ll send you a remote widget code
    when I get the chance soon. Good day.

    ~ Norm

  4. hiya Brian –

    Please find the html code for The Poll of the Week.
    You’re free to post it anywhere you want to on your page.

    Simply paste it where onto an html area.
    This widget is named: remote 1

    Poll question suggestions are welcome
    from those bloggers participating in this effort.

    ~ Norm

    Take Our Poll(online surveys)

  5. Brian –

    It’s not you. It’s me. LOL

    Since you’re on WordPress
    you may have to install a simple plug in first.

    Then paste:

    Steve at Wireplayers has his Widget up without any problem.
    Please do try again.
    We can have a lot of fun with it in the future.

    Good day.

    ~ Norm 🙂

  6. gib said

    Nice score this afternoon with TIMBER RESERVE. I expected you to be playing Aqueduct. I was looking forward to some company in the cold.

    • Thanks, I’m not usually right with my picks since I don’t have access to HRTV or TVG, so I have to go all by the “black & white”. I prefer to be able to watch the horses before I make picks.
      It’s fun though, I’ve never participated in one of those contests before.

  7. Brian – I just had one of the proudest moments of my blogging experience last night – adding YOUR BLOG to the TBA Blogroll!

    Have you received the official word yet? Zipse says you’re in! Finally!!!! Well deserved, I might add. Of course, given what an awesome commentor you always were, I had no doubt you’d be a doubly impressive blogger – but still, it’s times like these when my heart sings with joy!

    Congrads on getting in! The TBA is a stronger organization with you as a member.

    I was literrally so happy when I got the news last night that I danced a little jig at the computer. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kevin!! I was super excited when Brian told me I was a TBA member.
      You were very instrumental in helping me get up and started, so I thank you once again, I’ve enjoyed every minute of my blogging experiance! (:

  8. Calvin L. Carter said


    Your comment did not appear on my blog but I agree with you about J P’s Gusto. Tiznow and Colonel John are the best runners we have seen from the Man o’ War sire line in some time and I’d like to see the name of J P’s Gusto added to that list.

  9. mattdinney said

    I, with a couple of my friends, have just made a site on wordpress for horse racing recently. I’ve been looking up some blogs about horse racing just to get a feel for what other people’s websites consist of and what they look like and I found yours when looking on Horseracingnation. I have to say I am quite impressed. I enjoy the things you post and it seems you are a young guy who has a big passion for horse racing (just like me!)
    Keep up the good work!
    Matt Dinerman
    P.S. I loved Curlin as well. Awesome racehorse and when he was on his game, in my opinion, one of the best in the 21st century (so far.)

    • Hi Matt,
      Thank you very much, that’s always a very encouraging thing to hear! What is the name of your website? I’d love to check it out. Yes, I am definitely very passionate about horse racing, I don’t think anything else really gets me as excited and motivated as horse racing does.
      Thank again!

      • mattdinney said

        I’ll follow on twitter and I just “followed” your blog on here so I can continue to read your work. At the moment, I’m still learning all the features on WordPress! It’s always really nice to see other young people who share a passion for racing. We have a lot in common; horse racing gets me pretty pumped too!
        Our site is called Three Colts Handicappng (link: threecoltshandicapping.wordpress.com.) It’s still a bit unorgranized and we’re still figuring out some things in terms of how we want to run the blog. It will be more organized by the time Del Mar is here (all 3 of us are based in Southern California; I’m from Del Mar) so the blog is mostly centered around So. Cal racing but we will talk about big races all around the country as well. It’s not 100% blogging; we have things such as picks and stakes recaps but I’m going to have my own “Del Mar Blog” section once Del Mar starts (assuming that my schedule this summer stays the same and goes as planned.) I’ll most likely blog about some other things too!
        Thanks and looking forward to continue reading your stuff!

      • Hi Matt,

        That’s awesome, variety on the blog will make it all the more interesting to read. I’ll check it out! Let me know what your twitter is so I can follow you as well. I agree, it’s really exciting when I meet/find other people around my age that are interested in horse racing and it’s even better when they’re as passionate as me. Who’s your favorite racehorse from the last 10 years or so?

        Oh nice, I haven’t been to any of the California tracks yet, but I drove by Del Mar (very slowly to get a look lol) when it was closed last winter and it looked beautiful! I’m from Connecticut and currently living in Texas for college so I’ve visited Belmont Park, Saratoga and Aqueduct a lot and Churchill Downs once for the 2010 Derby and Oaks.


      • mattdinney said

        My favorite horses were Candy Ride and Pleasantly Perfect. Loved them! And of course…Zenyatta.
        I worked for California based trainer John Sadler as a hotwalker. I loved it so much I worked in his barn for four summers! That being said, during that time I was really focused on his horses it was hard to pick favorites from other barns after that because I actually had personal connections with the horses. My favorite to work with was Sidney’s Candy. So he is on my favorites list too. He had a really cool personality. He loved to run too! He always came back from the track content with himself. He ran in the 2010 Derby so you must have seen him on your trip to Churchill! Not his day that day though 😦 And you probably saw Mona de Momma win the Humana Distaff that day and Crisp in the Oaks the day before. I was fortunate enough to walk and work with them too!
        And I’ve always wanted to go to the East Coast tracks. Hopefully one day! I’m like you only we’re on opposite coasts lol. Del Mar is one exit from my house haha aweomse track! If you came you would love it! It’s a festive atmosphere like Saratoga. That’s really cool you’ve seen all those tracks. I’m sure you’ve seen some awesome races there. And to go to Churchill must have been an amazing experience!

      • That is so neat, I can only imagine the amazing experiences you’ve gained through working for Sadler and actually being around and handling those great horses! I was a big fan of Sidney’s Candy, my top three when I went to the Derby was Lookin At Lucky, Jackson Bend and Sidney’s Candy…if I remember correctly he was coming into the Derby off three straight graded stakes wins. His La Jolla Handicap win that year was so stellar! And yes, I do remember Mona de Momma…hard name to forget.

        You should definitely visit Saratoga and Belmont someday, I love both those tracks. I saw Curlin in the Man ‘O’ War and Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont and the Woodward at Saratoga as well his Breeders’ Cup Classic at Monmouth and I went to Rachel Alexandra in the La Troienne Stakes at Churchill and the Personal Ensign at Saratoga…lots of amazing races I’ll never forget. Blind Luck’s win in the Oaks was another great one.

      • mattdinney said

        And to see those races are awesome! I remember them well and remember watching them live. Blind Luck ran umbelievable that day. The crowd must have been going nuts! I remember Curlin and Rachel’s races well. For Curlin I especially remember the JCGC to break the money record. Wasn’t it muddy that day? Since he was your favorite, you must have been stoked for him. Man O War was the race he didn’t take to the grass right? Or he ran ok but not as good as his dirt form? You’ve seen a lot of good races!
        And yes I remember that Derby quite well. Lucky never had a chance from the inside post and all the trouble he got into. He got so unlucky that day. I was actually with Sidney on the day he ran in the La Jolla! I walked with Victor, his groom and a couple others guys from the barn to the receiving barn and into the paddock with him too. Went to the winners circle and walked with him to the testing barn. I was so happy but shocked. I watched his workout on the turf the week before the race and he looked great. I knew he was going to run big but to run the way he did; wasn’t expecting a race like that! One of my favorite days ever at Del Mar.

      • Yes, Blink Luck was incredible, I still miss her rivalry with Havre de Grace. And yes, that JCGC was muddy, I was going pretty crazy when he crossed the finish line. His Man ‘O’ War still bugs me to this day, I think if Robby had him closer to the pace and not so far back he could have won.
        Wow, that is really amazing that you were with Sidney’s Candy on the day of his big win in the La Jolla.

      • mattdinney said

        Oh ok. Interesting. Well I do remember his big wins came close to the pace. If he ran from off of it that day, you’ve got a good point! Man good memories haha looking forward to more!

      • Yes, he had some really nice wins, I never get tired of watching replays!

  10. mattdinney said

    And I feel really lucky to be able to have worked for John. It was a great experience and I learned a lot!

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